The Best slot Machines and the Best Odds: The Casino Bet

Gambling in a casino is what you do best especially for fun. But that pleasure is of course increased if you can also win great amounts by playing your favorite casino games. That’s why it might be fun (and useful) to know what the casino odds of your favorite casino game are.

Casino odds at Casino Sbobet are related to the so-called payout percentage. This is the part of every bet that will eventually be paid back to the player. The average is taken over an infinite number of rounds. In online casinos this is around 96%, while in slot machines in the catering industry it is about 68% and in lotteries it is between 35% and 50%.

Each casino game has its own payout percentage, whether it is blackjack, roulette or a slot machine. The percentages of payout for table games and video slots vary and for convenience we explain on this page what the odds are at our casinos and tell us which games have the most favorable payout percentages.

Which Casino Offers the Best Odds?

The following casinos have an average payout percentage of around 96%. Here the difference between the table games and video slots is taken into account. That means that our casinos are all among the top paying casinos. The exact odds of winning depend on the game you play and on the exact rules that are applied by the casino in question for that game.

An online casino is a profit-making company, so you will understand that a part of the player’s betting automatically goes to the casino. That is also called the advantage of the house, or in English called the house edge. This means that a small percentage of all bets are not paid out.


The blackjack odds are generally the highest. That’s why blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Moreover, with this casino classic you can influence your odds yourself if you know the rules. When you play your cards smartly, you can limit the house advantage to only 0.5% and in some cases even less.


With roulette, you have to deal with a slightly lower payout percentage (and therefore a higher house advantage). Depending on the roulette variant, players see an average of 97.3% of their stake back. That makes a house advantage of 2.7%. However, this only applies to the variants in which a single 0 is played.

Slot Machines

A large part of the game selection of our favorite online casinos consists of slot machines or video slots. These are offered to casinos by software companies like the other games. Software companies are responsible for the release of more than 75 video slots. New slots are added monthly. These companies also have table games, but these are best known for its many slots.

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